Hello Church,

Thank you for your gracious welcome!

Jen, Linden, and I were overwhelmed by your warmth and kindness this past Sunday as we formally began our participation in ministry with you as the Hiram Christian Church. I was blessed with this thoughtful welcome card filled with messages of hope, joy, and excitement for this new season. Know that we are hopeful, joyful, and excited about this season, too!

In the next couple of months, it will be my priority to connect with you through phone calls, Sunday conversations, and visits at the church, on campus, over coffee, or at your home. If you would like to set something up, please feel free to call, text, or email me – or you may call the office and speak with Anita. I will also be working with the Pastoral Relations Committee to create a schedule of availability for small group gatherings as well, so please look for this to emerge soon.

Church is sacred community set apart – a liberated people who bring liberation; a healed people who bring healing. The Church is an instrument of God’s salvation according to Raphael Warnock. Getting to know you and your faithfulness – listening to you share about your image of God, your understanding of call, your gifts for faith and ministry; listening to you share how God has brought you liberation, healing, and salvation… This is a good way to begin this season, together.

Hiram Christian Church, you have a beautiful history, present, and future – filled with Grace, Love, and Life!

Jen, Linden, and I are blessed to be a part of it.


Rev. Chris McCreight                                    

ANNUAL REPORTS…If you are the head of your ministry team, please email your team’s report to the office (secretary@hiramcc.org) on or before Friday, November 3rd.   Copies of the 2017 Annual Report will be made available the Sunday prior to the Annual Congregational Meeting so that everyone has time to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider its contents prior to the meeting.  

ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING… Under our new constitution and by-laws, our Annual Congregational meeting has moved to November.   This year, our Congregational Meeting is Sunday, November 19th following worship. We will come together to enjoy Stone Soup (bring an item to add to a pot for either vegetarian or meat soup), bread and dessert, as we consider the coming year in the life of the congregation.

IN THE LIFE OF THE CONGREGATION… We offer our prayers for RON and LUCY ETLING’S daughter, LISA, husband MILED, their kids LAYLA and DANIEL and their community as they face many struggles after surviving the hurricane devastation in Dominica…We also offer prayers of well-being for LUCY’S sister, BETTY, for BERNICE SMITH, for ESTHER RICHARDSON’s son STEVE who is recovering from complications following surgery,  and for KAREN NEFF who is recovering from pneumonia…We offer our payers and support for our new minister, Rev. CHRIS MCCREIGHT, as he begins to lead us at Hiram Christian Church…We offer our prayers for the many people affected by the horrific Las Vegas shooting and those who still struggle through the aftermath of the hurricanes, earthquakes and fires… ZACKARY MAKOTO CALAPA was born on September 11, 2017 to NATE and AMY CALAPA.  He is the grandson of ANTHONY and LORRI CALAPA, and great-grandson of JACIE SWANDA…We offer prayers for PHYLLIS EMICK, sister of CHARLENE MOSS, and Phyllis’s husband.  Phyllis has been fighting an infection…We offer our prayers and support for our brothers and sisters at KENT’S SPELLMAN CHAPEL AME CHURCH, which has been vandalized twice in the last 3 months by racists and white supremacists…We also offer prayers of comfort for MATT and LIBBY TIPTON in the loss of their daughter, PAITYNN…

QUILTERS…We are looking into making a quilt for the sanctuary.  If you are interested, please contact Nancy Lacan at 330-527-7325.  Thanks!

LITTLE VILLAGE… Our center is so excited to offer HAYRIDES on Sunday, November 5th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Come to Hayden St. to enjoy refreshments and fun for the whole family!    

This month, our small scholars are learning about pilgrims and Native Americans, turkeys, harvest, and being thankful!  They will be working together on November 16th to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

BAKE SALE – YUMMY…Thanks to all who made goodies for the bake sale during the Kiwanis event on October 20th.  We had a wonderful variety of sweets to share during the spaghetti dinner.  Profits of $226.55 will go into the church general fund.  Thanks to Sandy Coffman and Joyce Hunter for “manning” the table.  Our next opportunity for a bake sale is during Pizza with Santa on December 9.

ALL SAINTS DAY ~ NOVEMBER 5THOur worship service on Sunday, November 5th will center on the act of remembering our beloved friends, family, and neighbors who have died this past year. The service is to offer a moment within the life of the Church that allows for us communally to stop, honor these beloved, and to tend to our grief. This, too, is one of the ways that the Church is set apart and distinct: whereas the world desires to move quickly from loss to “normalcy,” offering quick fixes and cliché answers, the Church stops to remember, honor, and tend to our grief. It is a distinct practice that brings healing inside and outside of the community.  If there is someone you want to remember and honor during the service, please share the name of your beloved with Anita.

4-C’S…4C’s Annual Christmas Give-Away is Tuesday, Dec. 19th. Our church has always been generous in supporting this program which provides a Christmas Meal to those in need. This year our church needs to collect 125 cans of fruit (any kind). Please bring your donations to church before December 5th. There will be a box in the back of the church labeled “fruit.”   In addition to the food they are given, each family also receives a $10.00 Giant Eagle Gift Card.   Marcia Muster (330-274-3205) is our 4C’s contact.

HIRAM/ MANTUA CROP HUNGER WALK…On October 1, twenty-two walkers from four churches participated in the walk for hunger.  This worthwhile effort has become a tradition with Northern Portage Churches.  A huge thank you to all who participated in the CROP walk.  Thanks to the many who donated, worked, and walked.  A huge thanks to Pam Auble, Jane Stamm, Mary Taylor, and Sarah Dowd-Dyer, who helped plan.  So far, we have collected $1065 including online donations.  If you would still like to contribute, see Nancy Schauer.

 JOSEPH MANTUA 33RD ANNUAL CHRISTMAS BOUTIQUE…Sunday, November 12, 2017, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. St. Joseph Church, Hughes Hall, 11045 St. Joseph Blvd., Mantua. Handmade arts, crafts & needlework, free admission & ample parking, door prizes (drawing every ½ hour, food available all day.

ANNUAL BAZAAR & COUNTRY STORE…Portage Faith United Methodist Church, Saturday, November 4, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  9922 St. Rt. 44, Mantua.  Holiday items, crafts, jewelry, cookie jar mixes, “country store” featuring baked goods, homemade noodles, frozen vegetable beef soup and fresh homemade soups, jams and jellies.

DISCIPLES OF CHRIST COMPASSION IN ACTION…Week of Compassion is currently providing support for victims of recent fires, floods, earthquakes here in North America and around the world.  WOC works through a remarkable network of church partner organizations that insures that their response to humanitarian needs is efficient, effective and faithful. They work with churches and organizations already embedded in the communities – those who know the needs of the communities best, and can respond with minimal administrative costs. Because of our past commitment to WOC, Hiram Christian Church has been present to witness to the love of God to those who are suffering.   The need today is great.  You can help by writing a check to the church noting WOC in the memo line, or online at www.woc.org  (noting that you are a member of Hiram Christian Church).

iALERT…If the weather is bad on Sunday mornings, please remember to check for church cancellations through the iALERT system.  Find cancellations on Channel 3, at www.wkyc.com and on news radio WTAM 1100.


Nov. 1:    All Saints Day

Nov. 3:    Annual Reports due to office, please email to secretary@hiramcc.org

Nov. 5:    All Saints Sunday, Daylight savings time ENDS, Little Village Hayrides, 11-2 on Hayden St.

Chi-Rho Retro Board Games Day at Hilltop

Nov. 7:    Election Day

Nov. 11:  Veteran’s Day

Nov. 19:  Annual Congregational Meeting & Stone Soup Luncheon following worship,

Chi-Rho Wacky Thanksgiving at MCCC

Nov. 21:  Men’s Breakfast, 6:30 – 9:30 a.m. in our Fellowship Hall, ALL ARE WELCOME!

Nov. 22:  Deadline for December newsletter items

Nov. 23:  Happy Thanksgiving!  Church office closed 23 & 24 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday

CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS, CHANGE YOUR BATTERIES…November 5th ends daylight savings time and as we turn our clocks back one hour, this is the time to replace the batteries in our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors!