The RCC Meeting on July 28 will cover many items, among them: whether to call a new Regional minister, a new interim minister, or go forward with just the board as administrators; reforming the Christian Church in Ohio as “Ohio Disciples” as we envision the future of the Region and how to continue a Regional Church; the status of Camp Christian. Margaret Green-Masters is planning to attend, you may contact her for more information. There are also live-streaming options if you can not attend (see the letter below).
The following is the letter from Rev. John Richardson:


Dear Ohio Disciples:

The Regional Church Council (RCC) of the Christian Church in Ohio will meet on Saturday, July 28, at Gender Road Christian Church (GRCC.)

This Called Regional Church Council Meeting will begin at 9:30 am on the 28th, and will be live streamed, so that as many congregants and ministers as possible can be present, in person, or via live stream. Only members of the Regional Church Council will have voting privileges, but all are welcome to comment and ask questions.

Below you will see 3 different ways to access the live stream on July 28th. The easiest way will be to go to the Gender Road Christian Church Facebook page and watch.  People will be able to comment when watching on Facebook or YouTube. A volunteer from Gender Road will be watching both of these channels in case someone comments or asks a question.  Or, you may text a question, or comment, to 614-623-4612.

  1. GRCC Website Viewing:
    Scroll down to Special Events LIVE!
    Click on the play button.
  2. GRCC Facebook Page Viewing: 
  3. GRCC Youtube Channel Viewing:

We are grateful to Gender Road Christian Church for hosting this RCC meeting and making the live stream possible.

Grace & peace,

John M Richardson
Interim Regional Pastor